Hashish, Pollen & Oil

Cultivation: Cannabis is produced in the rural regions like Anatolia.

Production: The manufacture method (and the resulting product) is very similar to Morocco, the Hashish is pressed from Resin-Powder.

Color: Greenish-brown.

Smell: Slightly spicy.

Taste: Not especially aromatic or spicy, very soft on the throat.

Consistency: When pressed correctly Turk is hard like a rock. Sometimes it can look like over aged Moroccan Hash. Sometimes Turkish hash is encountered as brittle thin wafers which crumble and powder easily.

Effect: Highly cerebral compared to other kinds of Hash. Probably the most cerebral high of any kind of Hash.

Potency: Light to medium, rarely potent.(3.5%-8.8% THC)

Availability: Very rare.

Various: Turk can be recognized by the typical crack sound it makes when a slab is broken. Hashish use isn't very common in Turkey, Hash is available but you need to have contacts and be very careful.

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