Self-Hemployed on FacebookSelf-Hemployed on TwitterAs you might have read entering the website, and for those who know us. Our website is always under construction and will probably never be finished in our lifetime!

The simple reason being, there is too much information of which much is still hard to speak about for Cannabis lovers and people in the Coffeeshop business. Due to insufficient support and legal obstructions. Please read up on the many articles on this website. We are doing our best to provide you with as much information we can regarding Laws, Reports, Usability & Functionality of the Hemp plant A.K.A. Cannabis Sativa L (named by C. Linnaeus)

Enjoy browsing around, forgive us for the occasional slip-ups in the site (we're working on it :) AND not to forget. Connect with our Social Media profiles! We will try and make it worth your while. "Since We're Here"

Soon you'll be able to enjoy a fully Social Self-Hemployed website. With all the sharing gadgets connected and SH.. The forum which has finally been restored after two mayor crashes is back up right here. This, like many other non-functioning parts of the website mainly were neglected because we had other tasks at hand at the time. Of Which,, and a good hand-full of other websites were a priority to keep updated.

More about what happened over the last years in 'Our History'

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