Agent M (Self-Hemployed Crew)

  • Where are you originally from?

Well, i'm originally from South East U.S.

  • How long have you lived in Holland?

I've been living in Amsterdam for about 4 and a half years.

  • Do you like it here?

Well sure, I mean this place is great. The weather is not so great all the time,
but that's why you got plenty of coffeeshops. :)

  • Do you speak dutch?

No, not really. I can get by, I mean I can order my beers, ask for directions but
for the most part I can't speak it..... I understand a little bit more than I thought. It's kinda easy because most people here speak english.

After they hear you try to speak a couple of words that you can't get out straight
they say yeah..., don't worry about it. We speak english, so go ahead, it's fine. It hasn't been forced on me but I guess if I had to I could get my self out of a tough situation. Everybody speaks english here. That's why I like it as well.

  • What do you do for work?

Well, I do a little bit of everything but em.. mostly I work for a couple of coffeeshops. I roll joints, Phillies, I pack some buds from big bags to little bags. Do some sampling and joint rolling. That's what I do.

  • Is it a though job?

Well, i wouldn't call it a though job but it can get rough some times, I'm mean your rolling a joint for someone else, not yourself. You want it to look right and smoke right and especially for the shop your working for you don't wanna "Demote" yourself by having a bad joint you rolled. It gets hectic in the quality control but in the long run everybody is so laid back and easy going, you take your time and do it right and everything goes pretty smoothly.

What I mean is that you wanna keep a consistency though out the joints, so people will come back and what ever they expect from a joint will be there. It's a little strange when different weeds come in, you have to weigh out whether it's too strong or too light and you have to differentiate how much to add but.... eh, you have to sample them some times to see if they smoke right, so it's not a bad job whatsoever.

No, I like my job. Smoking joints all day....... Yeah it's nice.

  • How long does it take you to roll a joint?

I can make one in less than half a minute.

  • How long does it take you to roll a blunt?

A couple of minutes.

  • How many joints do you think you have rolled?

Well I'd have would have to be at least, well I don't know At least 50.000 or more, I don't know. It's a though question. I mean I whish I would have kept track. It would have been a nice number to know but yeah... some of the joints I roll by hand and some of them I roll with the machine so it's hard to tell.

I probably rolled over 10.000 joints by hand. It's gotta be more than that. I don't know Pfff..... Good question.

  • How did you get you get the job?

Back in '98 my favorite coffeeshop called me up. They needed some "pre-rolled" joints for the Cannabis Cup. They needed someone they could trust to take care of it. At the time I didn't really know how to roll so well and I just practiced and practiced to get it right. Then all of the sudden there was a demand for the joints, they threw them on the menu and boom. Then the word got around and an other shop needed blunts (american style), ever since then
I kept on rollin', rollin', rollin', raw hide!

  • Does it ever get boring rolling joints all day?

Well I don't do it all day long. I mean the joints are made to order so I mean if I ever get bored doing a session I just take a hit of some killer haze so you get into this zone and before you know it everything is done. Bzzzzz, "BINGO".

  • What's your favorite flavor?

Well I guess haze is my favorite weed to smoke, eh.... it's really hard to find "true" haze these days but when you can find it that's my preferred bong smoke or joint smoke. For hash I don't know. I'd probably say the lighter blond (Moroccan) hashish is my first choice. Some people gave me samples of unknown weed that just blew my mind, so it's hard to say what's the best I've ever smoked.

  • How much do you smoke per day?

Eh.... more than your average bear. I'd say plenty!

  • Do you smoke it pure?

No, not exactly. It starts off with pure (weed) bong rips in the morning then mixed weed or hash and tobacco joins during the day. At the end of the night hash and weed mixed and bong rips before bed (weed). This is on my day off :)

  • Do you even get high anymore?

Well of course. That's the beauty of Amsterdam. You can never get used to one weed. If you do there's at least 20 to 50 varieties to choose from and you can always switch between weed or hash. Of course you can always try to quit...... for a day. But if you can, toke it up!

  • Does it get expensive?

No. Not even if I would smoke twice as much because all my friends are Self hemployed. I get by with a little help from my friends, we get high with a little help from my friends.

  • Do you grow yourself?

Well I've had a few small...... (phone call).........Sorry thanks a lot, I gotta go. dewy, later man and alstublieft! you got the beers right? Thnx man.

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