We only had a few t-shirts around on the expo booth of Sagarmartha which were sold out 4 hours, Thnx to Tony & Ivana. You rock!. Unfortunately we did not have time to dropp off more of them due to the boat schedule. One of our crew was running scary, and way to old elevator up and down for the Cannabis Cup Expo visitors.

I spoke to one person, specifically, about our Self Hemployed HOODY sweaters. Still want your sweater?? Contact us through the website, we'll work something out!

Self Hemployed would like to thank; Steve Hagar & HighTimes, Matt, Stephen Gaskin & his lovely wife, Tony from Sagarmartha, Ravi & Sensi Seeds (For EVERYTHING), Soma (Still waiting for the sun! Peace), Arjan for the give away samples, The Cannabis College/ crew & Evert from 'The Verdamper', Joey, I owe you one (a punch that is), and every one else we forgot. Thanks for the Support. See you in Canada?!

It was an other HECTIC year at the Cannabis Cup. Barney's took home the First Prize for the 'Cannabis Cup', 'Imported Hash', 'Dutch Hash' AND 'Best Booth'.

'B.C. Bud Depot' won the 'Indica Cup' With their 'God Bud'. And 'Reeferman Seeds' won the 'Sativa Cup' With 'Love Potion #1'

Stephen Gaskin, activist and author of publications like "Cannabis Spirituality" was entered in the Cannabis Counter Culture Hall Of Fame, Supported by his wife who also had a big hand in the organization of this years Cannabis Cup.

Keep Your Harddrive high! An Other Year, & on to the 'TokersBowl'.

Over Thanksgiving week 2005, the 17th 'Freedom' Cannabis Cup has been held in Amsterdam, an international event patterned after harvest festivals growers have been staging since the 1970s.

Cannabis Cup
Best marijuana strain/ coffeeshop
Sativa Cup
Best sativa strain/ seed company
Indica Cup
Best indica strain/ seed company
1 'Amnesia Haze'
2 'Killer Green'
De Katsu
3 'Jack Flash'
Sensi Seeds
1 'Love Potion #1'
2 'Arjan's Haze'
The Greenhouse
3 'Sage 'N Sour'
1 'God Bud'
B.C. Bud Depot
2 'MK Ultra'
3 'L.A. Confidential'
DNA Genetics
Import Hash Cup
Best Imported Hash
Dutch Hash Cup
Best Dutch Hash
Expo Cup
Best Booth at Expo
1 'Caramella Cream'
2 'Royal Cream Gold'
De Rokerij
3 'Nepal Pollen Shoe'
1 'Barney Rubble'
2 'Hawaiian Haze Ice'
The Greenhouse
3 'Ice-O-Lator'
The SmokingBull
1 Barney's

2 The Greenhouse

3 Sensi Seeds
Product Cup
Best Product at the Expo
1 The Original Buddy
2 Vapezilla
3 Bubble Bags
Fresh Headies

 Around 12.00 The Daytripper left from the greenhouse on it's way to the Melkweg. It was crisp out there but with some music, a vaporizer and some samples from Sensi Seeds and The Greenhouse many decided to take the 15 minute ride down there ...

Second captain and Hightimes crew on board of the daytripper back to the center.

The Self-Heployed was this year also partly responsible for setting up the Expo booth EVERY MORNING, and breaking it down EVERY EVENING.....
The expo booth was basically a big dissappointment for many local shop owners and other entered companies.. Also they had to pack and unpack their stand every day.
Unfortunately the High Times Cannabis Cup had to scale down the event due to the financial problems of last year (2003). Read more on cannabiscupwinners...

Also 'Captain Joint' and his lovely wife joined us on the trip through town. Thanks for the invitation to Psytopia!! We're getting ready for it over here. 2005 will be a year full of crazy happenings. Learn more about Psytopia here....

The Self Hemployed Crew and... CHIEFS!!!

THSeeds has upheld a great tradition of always rolling the biggest joint at the party. They useually go around for a good 20 to 30 minutes. Also check The Daytripper for more THSeeds spliffs and stars.

A night shot on the Amstel on our way from the Greenhouse to the Melkweg.

Hemp TV shooting on the Daytripper for the King Of Cannabis part III?? HEMP TV! We would LOVE to see some material

Back stage at the Cannabis Cup. It's getting kinda hectic. When you are looking for some, who supposivly is back stage at the Melkwege, you might find yourself wandering in circles... Then again it might just be the weed huh?? I swear that guy... The King Of Cannabis is wearing a crash helmet backstage though... Dude, am I tripping??

It was misty on the Prinsengracht on the way to the cup.

Little zoom action... Steve Hagar and The King Of Cannabis at the judges booths. Just checking...

Artery always rocks. Also they we're playing at the High Times Cannabis Cup 2004. On the right lead singer and guitar player Yanko.

Yes! We are NOT sponsored by Heineken. They're just good friends...

Self-Hemployed Social Stream