CannabisThe newly-formed Dutch cabinet plans to start trials with legal weed farming. The weed will be cultivated locally and then spread in six to ten municipalities. Which municipalities will receive the so-called government weed is not yet clear.

There are some 25 to 30 municipalities spread throughout the Netherlands that have interest in the program or have signed up.
Currently, cannabis can be legally sold in Dutch coffee shops, however growing cannabis (more than 5 plans, under artificial light) is prohibited. The new coalition wants to change that.
The Amsterdam City Council has indicated several times to be in favor of regulated weed farming. There was even a short search for a location where the weed could be grown.

Most of Amsterdam's coffee shops are pleased with the plans of the new government to experiment with legal weed cultivation. The coffee shops hope they can participate in and consult over the cultivation, given the complexities of the differences in Cannabis strains.

But while the government may face difficulties understanding the intricacy of Cannabis, life for the coffeeshop owner stands to become easier. Better quality control for example. With illegal growing operations, it's obviously more difficult to keep total control over the environment and quality as a Cannabis cultivator. This can now be done throughout the growing process instead of being checked at the point of sale.

Joachim Helms, Chairman of the Bond of Cannabis Attorneys, explains it will be the same as running a biscuit factory, where the biscuits are checked at the factory instead of in the store."
And so, the Bond van Cannabis Detaillisten (Union of Cannabis Retailers), the BCD, is pleased with the intention of the new government to experiment with weed cultivation. Helms: "It is something that has been talked about for years and that we are in favor of. It makes everything a lot more transparent. "
However, the BCD hopes that the government doesn't forget where the knowledge and experience lies. "Not only with the coffee shops, but also the lamp manufacturers and growroom builders. They must all be involved in making a good product. '
Variety of products is also important for coffee shops. Therefore, its ideal to have a scenario in which the weed trade is similar to for example beer; legal, regulated and controlled, with pilsener for the mass, and special craft beers for the connoisseur.

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