Step 1. (how girls roll a blunt)Rolling freestyle... take a solid underground, a (vanilla) blunt paper and some good shit!!
Step 2. (how girls roll a blunt)Break the bud up into small pieces.
Step 3. (how girls roll a blunt)Devide the shit propely throughout your blunt paper.
Step 4. (how girls roll a blunt)And some more...
Step 5. (how girls roll a blunt)Start rolling the paper in shape...
Step 6. (how girls roll a blunt)Feel free to add a little more and keep rolling...
Step 7. (how girls roll a blunt)Allmost there... start rolling the paper closed.
Step 8. (how girls roll a blunt)Give it a good lick...
Step 9. (how girls roll a blunt)...and close.
Step 10. (how girls roll a blunt)Push weed a little tight with pen or (wickedstick), if need be...
Step 11. (how girls roll a blunt)Round the mouth pieces off a little bit (do not PRESS closed) it SUCKS!
Step 12. (how girls roll a blunt)Try to heat up your your SPIT a lil' without burning your blunt.
Step 13. (how girls roll a blunt) Light that shit up!
Step 14. (how girls roll a blunt) Puff it like a sigar I say...
Step 15. (how girls roll a blunt)DAMN... You just GOTTA love that taste...

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