Note: This story has been restored from 09-12-2001 by P.T. Dante.

The Seed Shop we went to visit is one of the more reputable shops in Amsterdam. The Sensi Seed Bank on Google Maps on the Nieuwedijk. With a nice selection of Cannabis Cup winning buds... The small outlet seems to be a kind of an IN and OUT deal, a bit hidden between other shops. Nothing fancy, a large collection of seeds and information (if you need it) from the gentleman behind the counter who seemed very friendly. We ran into Mick.

The Shop is open from; 11.00am till 18.00pm.

How long have you been selling seeds?
For 3.5 years now. I was growing before that.

Can you see the difference between good and bad seeds?
Not really. Some are small some are big. Some a little whiter than others. It really depends on the strain. The best way to save your seeds would be in the fridge.

How long can I save my seeds?
Well like I said the fridge is the best place. If you save 'em in there you could keep 'em for about two years. At room temperature and stored in a dark space you can save them for about 2 till 3 months. Longer than that, the germination expectancy decreases slightly but the potency stays the same.

Do you grow yourself?
Yes. Seeds and clones but mostly seeds. The clones here are not all that good unless you know someone. I grow mainly seeds. Pretty much any seed I find or get from friends.

Which question do you here the most in the shop?
How many seeds are there in the bag. (for the people that know R.T.F.M.!) *

What is the best plant or seed to your opinion?
Um... Northern Lights 5 x Haze, Skunk #1 is nice. It's a quite cheap seed and yields good. I've grown 'em pretty much all. But I think those are some of the best ones.

What do you prefer to smoke?
Hash mostly. Weed wise... Sativa, I like the Sativa high. I'm not really into the Indica high. I don't mind waiting for the quality bud, quality and price wise.

How many seeds do you sell per day, Is there an average?
No, It's not consistent. Sometimes you sell 5 bags sometimes you sell a thousand. I've had customers buy two of everything we have on the menu and some buy 70 bags of the same strain. It really depends.

Where is the typical buyer from?
Mostly U.S. and Frenchies. In the three years I´ve worked here I think I´ve helped only 3 Dutch customers. That's why the all have the same weed over here. They use clones. I find most of the clones are of a Power Plant strain. Which has saturated the market. It´s harder to get a good nice Haze strain and people do not have the patience to grow it.

Did the Euro effect your sales?
No not really. Well I guess it made it better. People in Europe know what they are spending on a product because the're using the same currency everywhere. I guess they're a bit more free with their Euro.

Are you or your shop working on any new strains?
Not me but the shop.. yes. They're continuously working on new strains. There are some on the list of the latest ones. (pointing to a display in the shop). The last one won 1st place 'Sativa strain' at the Cannabis Cup 2002.

Do you need special requirements to work here?
Be prepared to talk the same crap over and over (laughing...). People come with the same questions all the time. California, Florida, France, New York. Same questions. Doesn't matter where the're from. Don't get me wrong, you meet people from all over the world but it's always the same questions. :)

What is your golden tip?
Buy good seeds. Buy 'em at a reputable company, look for good genetics and don't be afraid to spend some money. Read the menu first.

* "Read The Fucking Menu/Manual"

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