Note: This story has been restored from 02-03-2003 by P.T. Dante. Images were added later.

Honey Bee ExtractorIt might take up to a week to make this primo, super blonde, soft, pure, crystals, finger licking hash. It looks like REAL creamy caramel once you hold it in your hands for more then a minute and Dammm! The Shit Is Gooood!

We did this experiment with the so called 'Honey Bee Extractor'. Why? Cause it's made for it and it's better then fucking around with all kindsa tools cuttin your stoned ass up in little pieces. You should actually just buy the thing so you can read the manual too. However, we'll give you some tips. 1st tip. Hash oil is Illegal! To my knowledge that counts for every country in the world. 2nd tip. Your not making hash oil! Your making the best hash you can find. 3rd tip. Be patient.

Note: This process should NOT be done with ANY flaming source near and preferably outside!!

Before you actually start make sure you have the following; Bud, Leaves or clippings. A bowl at least 5 inches deep. A pan with boiling water. (not on the stove!.... and, you have to be able to place the bowl in the pan with water). Then you should have a spoon/ old credit card (or be creative). You need a 'Honey Bee Extractor' and 1 or 2 cans lighter gas (butane gas).

We threw in 7 grams or a 'quarter ounce' of pretty ok bud . (Hence our result). And we did this outside. There is a little coffee filter and about 9 holes? in the lid of the 'Honey Bee' (THC outlet). In the bottom of the 'Honey Bee' there is one hole (Gas inlet). Check this out.

Stick some shit in there, make sure you have the coffee filter in the right spot and screw the 'Honey Bee' closed. Hold it (with lid pointing down) in the bowl and run a full can of gas through there. Keep your hand a bit clear from the outlet as well as the inlet. The gas will come rushing out of the bottom (liquid gas). If you think you didn't get it all use the second can too. Let the warm water of the pan evaporate the gas with no open flame around it.

HoneyWhen the gas has almost completely evaporated try to spoon your hash out. Do not get it on anything because the shit will not come of anymore. It's sticky! That's why I used a credit card. It's easier working with flat surfaces. Now still leave your has evaporating for a minimum of 3 days. After this stick it in the fridge and leave it over night or maybe two nights. The oil has now crystallized again and became hash.

The hash you have made is extremely strong, like hash oil but it tastes more like real good hash. The sent of it is flowery like a vaporizer hit and it gets you ripped like one too. Puff, puff, pass will do.

Important Note: Self-Hemployed does NOT advise this way of making hash due to it's different reviews in many Cannabis Magazines and websites.

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