Step 1. (how to roll a blunt)Get yourself a minimum of a half 8th/1.75 grams of pure kick ass (bio) weed and find your damm blunt!!!
Step 2. (how to roll a blunt)Ok, chop your weed up into manageable size pieces (grind). Get your self an "exacto", razor blade or box cutter.
Step 3. (how to roll a blunt)Open your blunt and......
Step 4. (how to roll a blunt)Take your wrapper of your "Phillies blunt" (and maybe save it for later)
Step 5. (how to roll a blunt)Cut a straight line from the top to the bottom of your blunt through the shell. (try and do it in 1 go). Don't try and saw it like a tree.
Step 6. (how to roll a blunt)When you are positive that you have made a cut all the way through, carefully peal open the blunt like a banana.
Step 7. (how to roll a blunt)Shovel out the contents with your thumb (finger).
Step 8. (how to roll a blunt)Clean out the inside of the shell for any left over pieces of tobacco.
Step 9. (how to roll a blunt)Make three little cuts by the mouth piece so the shell does not break that fast when you roll the blunt closed again.)
Step 10. (how to roll a blunt)Hold open the shell as wide as "it" can
Step 11. (how to roll a blunt)Evenly distribute herb
Step 12. (how to roll a blunt)Pick up the blunt and get a feel for where the herb is.
Step 13. (how to roll a blunt)Pack the weed down a bit using your fingers. This way the weed stays in place and tight... a bit.
Step 14. (how to roll a blunt)Now start your first rolls towards closing the blunt.
Step 15. (how to roll a blunt)Pinch you thumbs to your index finger making a rolling motion and roll blunt closed.
Step 16. (how to roll a blunt)Lick the blunt (severely) don't drewl or puke.
Step 17. (how to roll a blunt)And seal..... making sure it looks somewhat straight.
Step 18. (how to roll a blunt)some time a little extra pressure time on your SPIT! helps...
Step 19. (how to roll a blunt)Pack the blunt down with a pencil and add more if you want. :)
Step 20. (how to roll a blunt)Lick the opposite side of the overlapping seal to allow your blunt to dry straight or smoke with in 5 minutes. No problem.
Step 21. (how to roll a blunt)Now, Get your "Phillies" wrapper and wrap it around your blunt. For the "Officials".
Step 22. (how to roll a blunt)Put in an airtight package. Should be good for about three to four weeks. And Airtight!! You can go swimming with these bad boys.
Step 23. (how to roll a blunt)THIS IS HOW..
Step 24. (how to roll a blunt)YOU ROLL A BLUNT! WANTED DEAD, STONED OR ALIVE... Have you seen these blunts?? reward about 15€

Note: This story has been restored from 30-09-2002 by P.T. Dante. The Wolke Wietje Coffeeshop was closed down in 2003. Step in the Way Back Machine and check their old website!

Wolke Wietje'Wolkewietje' is one of the smaller shops in Amsterdam, smack bang in the middle of the center. It has a nice ambiance and a cool salt water fish tank with all kinds of color full fish. Nice to trip-out on. The dealers area is the marble corner on the bar directly as you walk in. You will find a nice selection of both hash and weed from mild to killer including 'pre-rolled' joints and 'Phillies' Blunts. Remember to "push" the door going in, you stoners! It has two nice flower pots by the entrance. The shop looks like it was imported from some little Spanish village with lots of candles, some flowers and artistic work. Music differs from, lounge music some R&B reggae and some house music depending on who's working at the time.

Opening times are/were; Everyday from 08.00 till 01.00 am.

How long has this shop been here?
Since 1996,…..cough, cough

What does "Wolke Wietje" stand for?
A cloud of 'weed' smoke/marijuana.

What is your best selling weed and hash? And which one do you prefer?
'Warme Oortjes' (hash) and 'Raspberry' when smoking weed.

What's the largest amount of weed I can buy?
5 grams

What is the largest amount allowed in a coffeeshop?
500 grams.

Will you be entering the Cannabis Cup this year?
Yes. Not with any weed but for best shops. Maybe we'll Enter some killer bud next year.

As a tourist what are the three things I have to do before I leave Amsterdam?
Eh..... Go to the 'Redlight District'. Visit the shop (Wolke Wietje). And go to the 'Vondelpark'.

Have you ever had anybody come back and complain about the weed or hash they bought?
Sometimes it happens. (What do you do). I return it and replace it with what they want or wanted.

Have you had any famous people come to your shop?
I think Shanti was here a couple of days ago. Yes, a couple of people have stopped by our shop.

What do you think makes your shop special?
The multicultural atmosphere in the shop.

How would you describe the average tourist and what hint or advise would you like to give them?
Don't mix all the drugs together! Normally they mix all kinds of stuff together. Just smoke your 'Raspberry' or 'Warme Oortjes' :)
Don't buy anything of the streets! Come here with A smile.

What is your opinion on the new regulations for coffeeshops and what is the newest thing going on right now?
We can not do any advertisement any more. No menus or Advertisement is allowed any more in the shop and on the website.

What are the questions you hear the most in your shop?
"What is the strongest weed", "Where do we get our weed and hash?" and "do we pay taxes".

What is the best thing about the job?
Meeting all kinds of different people in a very relaxing atmosphere.

What is the worst thing about the job?
Paying taxes :) and working with NuMMskullz... :)