Aceyalone first stepped into the limelight in the early 90's as one of the key figures in the legendary Los Angeles group, the Freestyle Fellowship.  Over the course of four albums, the Fellowship helped redefine West coast hip hop.  Defining albums such as "To Whom It May Concern" or "Innercity Griots" introduced Aceyalone as a thought-provoking, conceptual and outgoing MC. In 1995, Aceyalone launched a successful solo career. With timeless albums such as "All Balls Don't Bounce," "Accepted Ecclectic," and the unique "A Book of Human Language," Acey gained the respect of music fans and critics alike, proving himself to be one of the finest rappers of his time.

March 2006. Decon Media once again contacted Self-Hemployed to provide the props for a Hip Hop video.

Aceyalone, who just released his album Magnificent City together with RJD2 wanted a underground/ internet music video for his track 'Highlights'.

Of course Self-Hemployed jumped on the case. Still even with our friends and connects it's not always easy to find the right spot, at the right time. "We need FULLY flowering buds! We need some chocolate, some different kinds of smokeable weed, seeds and some nice girls along his side. Bongs, rollingpapers, blunts the whole nine yards."

AceyaloneWorking in the growroom is always fun. "And you know this man.." There's nothing better then sitting in your room, looking at your babies waving in the wind of your fan. :) Eventhough this room was not to be compared with the room we went to with Ludacris, it was a very nice setup in Amsterdam. We smelled like some serious bud when we was done, that's for sure.

Check the video and get Magnificent City - Aceyalone & RJD2 on iTunes!

Germination is where it all begins!

This section will take you through the basic steps of germinating your precious seeds. For more elaborate information on this subject and the use of different planting methods we direct you to our documents. You'll find many 'how to guides' and other docs. there, as well as full books. Cannabis is the only annual plant that has separate male and female plants. In its life cycle the plants will go through the following distinct stages: germination, vegetative growth and flowering. About half the seeds you germinate will become male and will be taken out of the garden (It is at the beginning of the flowering stage that you will be able to determine whether a plant is male or female). During germination, the seed awakens from its inactivity. Moisture, water and a constant temperature are essential here, for as soon as the seed has absorbed a sufficient amount of water, the seedling begins to form its root system. Next it breaks through its shell.

The Male Cannabis Plant The Female Cannabis Plant

Male plants

Immature fowers of the male plant look like small balls hanging at the stem. As they mature the small balls will open, showing five white petals surrounded by the pollen-bearing stamen. It is before the flowers open that male plants should be removed from the garden.

Female plants

The female flower has no petals but two stigmas growing from each ovary. The stigmas are white, almost translucent antenna waiting to pick up pollen (from the male plant) in the air. At the end of the flowering stage, the stigmas will turn to a light brown colour. It's time to harvest when 80% of the female plants in your garden show brown stigmas.

There are various possibilities for the process of germinating:

Female plants

Put some moist tissue on a plate. Put the seeds on top of them and cover the seeds again with moist tissue. Cover the plate with another upturned plate, so that the seeds are in darkness and the environment remains moist. Put the covered seeds in a warm place (21°C). Check the seeds every day, spray the tissues with water if necessary to keep them moist but not soaked. Very carefully transplant (preferably with tweezers) the seeds to a planting medium as soon as they open and the tip of the root becomes visible.

Start With The Seeds

1. Put the seeds on moist tissue.

Cover The Seeds

2. Cover the plate with another plate.

Keep Seeds In Warm Place

3. Put the covered seeds in a
warm place and keep them moist.

Check Seeds

4. The seeds will open and the root becomes visible.

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