Wolke Wietje

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As one of the smallest coffeeshops in Amsterdam, and 'second home' to Self-Hemployed, coffeeshop Wolke Wietje was very popular amoungst Amsterdam locals and travelers. With it's cosy atmosphere, great menu and EPIC tropical fish tank, visitors regularly got stoned.. stuck.. and staring at colorful exotic fish swiming around for hours.

Wolke Wietje was also one of the Coffeeshops (if not the only one at that moment) that sold hand-made pre-rolled Phillies with pure weed for the blunt lovers. Also the pre-rolled hash joints were hand-rolled by the SH Crew unlike most other Coffeeshops who would use the 'Coolbox' joint machine/shaker. Which is great for weed joints but not for hash due to the structure and weight. There was a lot of pride involved.
Even part of the staff from La Canna coffeeshop came for a coffee and a joint or a smoke at the Wolke Wietje.

Because of regulation/permit problems the shop was forced to close in 2003. Missing an other gem in Amsterdam...

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